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Monday 4th September



With its participants, RAMIRAN holds a tremendous resource of knowledge and expertise in a wide range of topics across the whole of Europe and, increasingly, other continents. The network represents a unique opportunity to mobilise this resource through network activities beyond the regular conferences. To use this potential, RAMIRAN fosters task groups, short-term teams with a clear task that can be achieved in a defined time of ideally 1-2 years or maximum four years. These Tasks make use of the potential of RAMIRAN arising from its cross-country membership of experts. Example topics include:

  • Surveys about management techniques,

  • Environmental aspects of manure 

  • Socio/economic issues related to manure

  • Other organic residues

  • Interdisciplinary studies

 Past Task group examples include:

  • Glossary of terms on livestock and manure management

  • Country manure management profiles

  • Residual Nitrogen effects from organic residues

  • Anaerobic digestion

  • Utilization of digestates

The 2017 RAMIRAN Conference presents an ideal opportunity to launch new task groups that will approach new challenging projects to compile and apply knowledge across a range of different countries. To show the potential of the task groups, to motivate you to participate in such activities and to identify promising new topics a Task group workshop will take place on Monday 4th September 17:30 to 19:30 and on Wednesday 6th September 14:00 to 16:00. These new ideas and topics can then be discussed throughout the conference until Wednesday, when the task groups for the next two years will be announced so delegates can register their interest to participate. Wednesday afternoon would then also offer the opportunity for some core groups to have a first meeting to plan and organize the work. If you have promising ideas for task groups and/or are interested to contribute to such work, it might therefore be advisable (but not essential) to plan to stay for Wednesday afternoon. Besides the currently running two groups “National Manure Profiles” and “Glossary of Terms” a first new group on “Animal manure processing” has been suggested. We look forward to additional task suggestions.


There will also be an opportunity on Wednesday afternoon to discuss upcoming potential projects for H2020 in the manure management area.

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