Monday McCarty 

Optimising digestate for reduced nitrogen losses and increased nitrogen use efficiency under a winter wheat crop


Seasonal trends in emission of ammonia from manure applied to grassland 


Soil greenhouse gas fluxes from a long term compost experiment in Austria


Nitrogen flows of two dairy cow rotational grazing systems  with differing diets


Nitrous oxide emission from manure applied to grassland in New Zealand – effect on soil air exchange


Open Path Fourier Transform Infra-red Spectroscopy based technique for measuring emissions from livestock manure management andmitigation strategies. 


Ammonia volatilisation from dairy slurry as affected by application rate and temperature on a volcanic soil

Changes in Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Feedlot Manure in Response to Temperature and Moisture Addition 

The effect of ruminant urine and dung deposition and synthetic nitrogen fertiliser application to pasture on Irish agricultural N2O profile

#23   Use of a Tier 3 for enteric methane to estimate faecal N digestibility and ammoniacal N excretion in dairy cows 

Norwegian University of life Sciences Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Natural Resource Management 


PAH dynamic in agricultural soils amended with composts Experiments and Modeling with the “VSOIL” Platform​

Legacy effects of one time application of manure amendments on artificially eroded soils


Effects of Compost and digestate additions on soil quality

Effects on soil chemical and biochemical status from recycling organic wastes to agricultural land: results from a field experiment


Monitoring heavy metal accumulation in Swiss grassland soils 

Long-term influence of sewage sludge on the presence and abundance of mobile genetic elements and antibiotic resistance genes in soil

Survival of pathogens and indicator organisms during storage of digested residues following pre-or post digestion pasteurization


Persistence of Viral Organisms in Mesophilic Anaerobic Digesters 

Effects of long-term nutrient fertilization on root mass decomposition grassland soils

Chemical and ecotoxicological effects of the use of drinking-water treatment residuals for the remediation of soils degraded by mining activities 


Application of an early monitoring tool to assess the effects on soil microbial of organic fertilizers and soil conditioners in different soils

The fate of the Nitrogen leached from the Heaps  

Monday Oscar Wilde

Yield Effects and Environmental stewardship by Application of Slurry with Nitrification inhibitor to Pasture and Maize

Slurry acidification using aluminium sulphate: an alternative to sulphuric acid with no limitation on Plant P availability after soil application? 

Towards efficient use of manure in integrated crop-livestock systems – Soil organic nitrogen matters 

Spent mushroom compost as a nitrogen source for spring barley in Ireland 

Evaluating the mineral fertiliser nitrogen replacement value of poultry manuer in spring barley cropping Forestal, P.J., Murphy, J.B., Plunkett, M.,Bourke, M.

The role of primary compost feedstock  in predicting nutrient availability

Effects of soil type on Phosphorus Availability from dairy slurry

Verification of gaseous emissions  from land applied manure

NMP Online- a Nutrient Management Planning System for Irish Farmers 

Handheld NIR Method to distinguish between heated and unheated manure fractions 

A new approach for sustainable management of animal manure and slurry in alpine ecosystems.

Relative contribution of manure P fractions to soluble and plant available soil P following simulated land application

Development of a manure management decision support tool for dairy farmers in Argentina

An integrated management of nitrogen: from farm to soil

effect of organic fertilizers and sugarcane mulch mixture on decomposition rate, CO2 and N2O emissions

The effects of Different organic fertilizers on grain maize Under cool climate

Biogas digestate as NPK fertilizer

Effect of biochar amendments on greenhouse crop productivity and on the nutrient and water use efficiency

Nitrate and ammonium dynamic in soil solution after applying animal manure in a wheat greenhouse experiment

Monday McLure

Cattle manure bio acidification: effects on gaseous emission and biogas yield

Understanding the organic nitrogen biodegradability during anaerobic digestion: application to ammonium content prediction in digestates

Anaerobic digestion of poultry manure in two dryfermentation processes

Stability of chemical and microbial composition of digestates along time in agricultural and urban full-scale anaerobic digesters 

Optimisation of maize stover harvesting chain for biogas production

May an aerobic pre-treatment improve the anaerobic digestion of food waste?


Carbon dioxide reduction via carbon-sequestration by food waste biochar using  
in farmland from a life-cycle perspective


Reactor experiments on the co-digestion of salmon smolt sludge and dairy cattle manure: Opportunities and challenges for increased gas production and improved nutrient cycling

Dairy water: Sustainability and resource efficiency for the Irish dairy processing industry

Carbon dioxide reduction via carbon-sequestration by food waste biochar using in farmland from a life-cycle perspective 

Inexpensive Alternatives to Alum for Reducing Ammonia Emissions and Phosphorus Runoff from Manure


Characterisation of various composted wastes: using multivariate data analysis to assess the influence of feedstock and potential nutrient availability

Reduction of the composting time of agro-industrial wastes:effects on the main control parameters

Microplasticdetection in soil amended with municipal solid waste composts as revealed by microscopy and pyrolysis/GC/MS


Hydrothermal carbonization of livestock waste for the elimination of pathogens, antibiotic resistance 
genes, and the creation of sustainable byproducts for re-use in the agricultural sector


Nitrogen recovery efficiency from liquid waste fluxes using gas-permeable membranes:effect of inorganic carbon and natural organic matter

Optimization of the composting lenght of agro-industrial wastes and its effects on compost maturity


Assessment of emission factors for different dairy cattle housing systems in Germany Measurement approach and first results


Low nitrogen losses indoors compared to outdoor storage for deep litter in northern Sweden

Mitigation of ammonia and greenhouse gas emissions from stored cattle slurry using acidifiers and chemical amendments


AmmoniaN2K: Modelling ammonia emissions from broiler production in Cavan and Monaghan

Recycling of Agricultural, Municipal and Industrial Residues in Agriculture Network

Mission to support science-based innovation in the agri-food and wider bioeconomy so as to underpin profitability competitiveness and sustainability

Future advances in waste and organic residue valorisation

Improvement of crop nutrition using manures wastes and residues-Novel circular fertilisers and soil amendments

Measurement and abatement of gaseous emissions along the manure management chain 

Tuesday McCarty 

Treatment of agricultural waste using chemical amendments – a summary of 8 years of research


Sustainable Manure Management and Water Quality: Regulatory Constraints and Practical Realities

Towards regional integration of waste resources in a peri-urban region in Canada

Pollutant Lossess from solid Manures stored in Temporary Field heaps.


Effect of slurry treatment by acid or DMPP addition on nitrification potential after soil application

Pollution of surface and ground water by non-point sources related to agricultural activities


Effectiveness of unfertilised cultivated buffer strips (UCBS)  to reduce phosphorus loads 

Deciphering the organic matter kinetics of cattle farmyard manure thanks to organic matter fraction and litter bags soil incubation assay 

Tuesday Oscar Wilde

Effectiveness of unfertilised cultivated buffer strips 

Environment al impacts of Dairy 

Challenges of kitchen waste collection for decentralized systems 


Manure management in dairy farms in Argentina and Brazil: perceptions and  demands from dairy professionals and farmers

Normative manure system as a tool towrds enhanced manure used in Finland 

Nitrogen Flow on an Organically  Managed Beef Farm in Hokkaido, Japan

Manure management in France: a review of current data available for poultry, cattle and pig production 

Tuesday Mc Lure 

Composting as a means of minimising green house gas emissions from the Australian intensive anaimal industry manure supply chain.


Reducing GHG emissions from manure as a contribution to achieving Effort Sharing regulation targets 


On-site quantification of methane leaks from an agricultural biogas plant through three different methods 


Gross nitrogen transformations 15N labelled cattle slurry under simulated winter storage conditions 


Effect of supplementary carbohydrate source on nitrogen excretion in beef heifers      


Effects of pomergrante nutritional additives on the dynamics of VOC and odorants emissions from calves manure 

Differences in amounts of greenhouse gas emissions factors and emissions from enteric fermentation and manure


Management OF Slovakian dairy cows between 2014 and 2015

Land-Applied Manures & Residues:Water and soil quality Considerations 

Science into Action- How do we get the messages across

Optimising Manure Management in Ireland 


Wednesday McCarty 

Fertilizer potential and environmental benefits of the use of source separated urine as fertilizer


Optimal placement of pelleted organic fertilizers

Anaerobic digestion of manure causes sulphate immobilisation in soil irrespective of digestion temperature

Pathogen survival in anaerobic digestion of slurry with organic waste

Soil amendment effects of biogas digestates

Wednesday Oscar Wilde

115 Economic, environmental and social sustainability of an innovative manure processing technology 

Substitution of the chemical acidification step by a biological process to dissolve phosphorus and produce struvite upstream from anaerobic digestion of pig slurry 

Recovery of Amino Acids (Proteins) and Phosphorus from Manure

Effects of additives on phosphorus, copper and zinc separation in raw and digested animal slurries 


Can Biochair bring more manure to the field? 

Wednesday Mc Lure 

Parallel Session 1:Sub theme 1 advance in new technology

Parallel Session 1:  Sub-Theme 3 - Gaseous Emissions 

Co-Chair Rapporteurs Report Sub- Theme 2 – Crop Nutrition 

Parallel Session 2: Sub-theme 1  - Advance in new technology and Sub theme 3 – Gaseous emissions 

Co-Chair Rapporteurs Report Sub- Theme 4 – Soil & Water Quality Parallel Session 1  

Parallel Session 5: Sub-theme 1 Adoption and Impact 

Parallel Session 3: Sub-theme 3 Gaseous Emissions 

Parallel Session 3: Sub-theme 4  Soil and water quality 

Parallel Session 3: Sub-theme 5 Adoption & Impact 

Theme-1: Advances in Technology -

Parallel Session 4: Sub-theme 2  Soil & water quietly 

Parallel Session 4: Sub-theme 3 Gaseous Emissions 

Plenary Session 1: Keynotes theme 1, 2 and 3 

Plenary Session 2 

Potential new RAMIRAN task groups 

Measurement and Abatement of Ammonia Emissions from Dairy Cow Housing Floor Surfaces

Impact of the experiment design on the quantification of gaseous emissions during the storage of solid digestates: a lab–scale study


Modelling ammonia emissions from slurry storage 

Ammonia emissions from naturally ventilated cattle buildings in Ireland 



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