“Sustainable utilisation of manures and residue resources in agriculture”

Field Trips

Field trip 1: Teagasc Soils, Environment and Land Use Research Centre












This field trip will entail a visit to the Teagasc Soils, Environment and Land Use Research Centre at Johnstown Castle. The trip will include presentations and demonstrations of the research carried out at the centre and the experimental facilities. These include the dairy research farm, greenhouse gas measurement systems, a slurry spreading equipment demo, and the new slurry storage gaseous emissions facility. A number of companies will also demonstrate and display a wide range of instrumentation, equipment and products relevant to RAMIRAN delegates on this field trip.

Field trip 2: Agricultural Catchments Programme

This field trip will include a visit to an agricultural catchment which is being extensively monitored to evaluate the environmental and economic effects of Irelands Nitrates Action Programme implemented under the EU Nitrates Directive. This catchment is one of the six monitored catchments within the Teagasc Agricultural Catchments programme which works extensively with up to 300 farmers. The programme, research and monitoring equipment will be described by researchers, advisors and farmers within the catchment. The trip will include a visit to one farm on the catchment and to the water quality monitoring equipment.

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