Advances in technologies

  1. Innovations in manure and residue treatment, processing and management

  2. Bio-based products: Compost materials, paper, bio-based plastic & biochemical

  3. Energy production (bioethanol, biogas and heat)

Crop nutrition

  1. Yield and quality

  2. Nutrient replacement value

  3. Trace elements

Gaseous emissions

  1. Manure & residue management chain (diet, housing, grazing, storage, landspreading)

  2. Whole farm/system modelling

  3. Life-cycle assessment

Soil & water quality

  1. Human health and ecotoxicology

  2. Nutrient losses to water

  3. Contaminants and pathogens

  4. Soil organic carbon and soil physicochemical properties

  5. Biological activity and biodiversity

Adoption and impact

  1. Improving farmer uptake of manure & residue resources & management practices

  2. Decision support tools & key performance indicator

  3. Regional, national and EU policy aspects and approaches to sustainable organic manure management (Experiences in different countries)

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Abstract Themes

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1st November 2016 – Registration & Abstract Submission Opens
10th March 2017 – Abstract Submission has been extended
28th April 2017 – Early Bird Ends
28th August 2017 – Registration Closes

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